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Kawaii-Girl~[Chapter 1 is up!]

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Kawaii-Girl~[Chapter 1 is up!]

Post  Mephiles Fan on Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:58 am

I am writing a story about this girl named Kanata. She is a young, not very well known girl who moves to the cities of NYC. She used to live in the country. When she moved to the cities, she was not used to the customs and different things. She was often made fun of....she wanted to move back so much. Until one day....she met this special little group of people...that changes her life forever.
~chapter 1: Un-known City~
Kanata stared into the wet, dripping pane of the window. It was raining heavily outside and the wind was blowing a light breeze outside. It was 30 degrees outside. Kanata had lived by herself for a long time. She was often lonely, having almost no friends, and the friends she had were imaginary. She often was made fun of for being different. She was a wolf. Almost no one else in this town, nor school was a wolf. She often wore clothes no one else would wear. She turned her head away from the drizzling window pane slowly. She walked over to the black leathered couch. She turned on the TV and saw the news saying that Kanata was missing.
'What? I'm not I?' she thought. She turned off the TV, her expression mad as well as saddened. She heard a knock at the door and straightened up. She got up and went to the door, slowly. She looked through the peek hole. It was Fire the Dog*
"Hey, Kanata. Mind if I come in? I have to talk to you...about a lot of things," she said, her face looking a little sad and compassinate. Kanata let her in and then shut the door. Fire and Kanata sat on the couch.
"Yes? What is it, Fire?" Kanata asked her. Fire's face turned icy and serious.
" you've lived here your whole life...right?" Fire asked her. Kanata nodded.
"Yes, what about it?" Kanata asked.
"You're moving," Fire said simply. "You're moving to New York City." Fear crossed Kanata's face, and then anger.
"No! You can't make me move! Not from my hometown!" She yelled at Fire. "I've lived here my whole life and you can't make me move! Why do I even have to move?! You don't understand! I've lived here my whole life, and even though I'm miserable, I still like it here! I don't wanna leave! I've had a lot of...g-good memories here...that I don't wanna leave." Fire's face turned evil.
"I can't..." Fire said and then her face turned to this black fox, wearing a black and green dress with black boots. "But she can."
"Hello....Kanata," the black fox said. "You'll be staying with me in New York City for a while."
~End of Chapter 1~
*Look in Tinker Diasters 2: the escape, for more info on Fire the Dog. She is not my character. She is my little sister's character.

Mephiles Fan

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Re: Kawaii-Girl~[Chapter 1 is up!]

Post  Rascal401 on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:11 am

I'm sure this story is going to turn out a great one.Keep it up! cheers

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