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Spring Break Rp

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Spring Break Rp

Post  Samy-The-Hedge on Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:52 am

Spring break rp!
From March 26th (last day of school) to April 12 (last day of vacation).
Its spring time! No school! And the best is: Snack Break opens today! Snack break is a special snack bar that only opens during spring break, it’s a two story building with lots of rooms full of videogames and board games. The employees are really nice, there are three girls: Lily, Sunny and Alice, there are two boys: Roger and Mark. Lily, Alice and Sunny are waitress. Roger is the cashier and Mark is the cook. You like this place very much, like everyone else does. The place is pretty big so there is a lot of space. The most awesome thing yet… they sell any kind of food or drinks!
Character sheet:
Favorite drink:
Favorite food:

Name: James
Gender: Male
Interests: Videogames, Reading, Foruming Razz saying stupid things with no reason whatsoever.
Looks: brown hair, brown eyes, always wears blue framed glasses, and mostly wears brown or black hoodies, even when it is hot.
Favorite drink: Raspberry tea
Favorite food: cheese burger
Personality: bookworm, with chronic giglititis (attack of the giggles)

Employee’s sheets:
Employees are premade charcters that everyone can control. theese are their traits and personalities:
Name: Lily
Gender: Female
Interests: books, chating and investigating
Looks: basic snack break uniform: red trimmed white cap, blue shirt and red pants. Brown hair and eyes. She wears pink glasses.
Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite food: Ham sandwich
Personality: Shy and quit except near her friends.
Name: Alice
Gender: Female
Interests: Clothes, Fashion and plushies.
Looks: basic snack break uniform. Blonde hair with two pink streaks, brown eyes.
Favorite drink: strawberry icee
Favorite food: veggie pizza
Personality: the girliest girl ever.
Name: Sunny
Gender: Female
Interests: Zombie Videogames, guns.
Looks: snack break uniform. Short black hair, blue eyes.
Favorite drink: Blood shake(a snack break special, its made with red fruits.)
Favorite food: roast beef sandwich.
Personality: tomboy.
Name: Roger
Gender: male
Interests: sci-fi movies
Looks: basic snack break uniform, brown eyes, spiky brown hair
Favorite drink: blueberry smoothie
Favorite food: anything with animals on it.
Personality: sci-fi freak.
Name: Mark
Gender: Male
Interests: Cooking and football
Looks: basic uniform, dirty blonde hair
Favorite drink: Ginger Ale
Favorite food: Meat loaf sub
Personality: loves football
No god moding.
You may control the snack break employees and other minor characters.
Random things may happen sometimes, like a black hole appearing in one of the rooms or a monster emerging from the toilet, but you are an average teen, you don’t have military weapons!
There may be romance but do not cross the line.
No curse words, censor them! (we all know life cannot exist without curse words Razz)
Other basic rp rules.
We begin march 26th!
March 28th: doctor octagonopus appears in shooting game room!
March 30: Wtf?! a blackhole in the restroom?!
April 7th: a sadistic computer takes over the place!

Suggest more events!

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Re: Spring Break Rp

Post  HauntedV on Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:45 pm

Name: Vincent
Gender: Male
Interests: Gaming, Violence, and teh internets
Looks: grey camo sweater that zips up all the way, blue pants, white, black, red shoes, red glasses, and brown hair
Favorite food: fried chicken
favorite drink: blood smoothie
Personality: kind, but has a short temper

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